Title: 2015-05-15T17:09:17.344-07:00
Ordered here dozen of times! Dont just try one thing, they have such a big variety of dishes unlike other chinese places. I usually get their general tso chicken, the chicken was nice and flavoured, crispy and crunchy stirred in sweet sauce, unlike other places i been too which was like a pile of rocks marinated in goop.. There deliveries might take awhile but atleast they do cause most places in palm bay dont even bother and it was well worth the wait! I recommend this place to everyone!
Title: 2015-05-03T10:41:20.517-07:00
very nice restaurant must come!!! highly commandment!!!!!
Title: 2015-04-20T15:39:06.510-07:00
I've been to Taste of Asian a number of times and i have never been disappointed.
Title: 2015-04-17T15:21:59.866-07:00
i have to say i have been very pleased with the quality of food they serve and the sushi roll they have. their service is just fine to me, it is not a fancy or big restaurant to have a designated hostess to guide you to your table. it is a neighborhood intimate restaurant so i don't expect them to jump right on it when i flag someone down to help me when they are busy.
Title: 2015-04-17T15:20:05.009-07:00
Let me just say I've been here at least a dozen times and I've yet to have a subpar meal. Don't listen to the haters. This is great food and service with the pricing in line with the quality.
Title: 2015-04-17T15:17:13.200-07:00
why this website can not order online ? i like order online by my cellphone. so maybe this is a good idea i want to point.
Title: 2015-03-19T18:53:24.290-07:00
Best sushi in town! All the fish was so fresh, the server was friendly , the owner was nice.
Title: 2015-03-11T18:10:52.377-07:00
Stephen is very kindhearted,and so many dishes i like。
Title: 2015-03-02T13:03:47.216-08:00
this is the second time i come here, very nice food and sweet service.
Title: 2015-02-05T16:09:05.023-08:00
My friend and I decided to try this place for lunch, expecting some good sushi food.
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