Title: 2018/9/11 10:04:29
Will pay when picks up
Title: 2018/8/10 15:59:00
The proper name should be Taste Of Asia. Asian is an adjective. The above name is a noun or pronoun. Very basic grammar and highly offensive. One could mistake it for a racial slur, however, spending five minutes in this establishment you know it is mearly a lack of education. Great food and nice people running it.
Title: 2018/7/11 20:41:29
My family and I discovered Taste Of Asia when we moved to Gainesville 4 years ago and never ate at another Chinese restaurant after that. The food is THAT delicious. We moved to Oklahoma City earlier this week. Thank you for the always delicious food and excellent service, we will miss you! - The Handys
Title: Mediocre1/29/2016 5:38:55 PM
I ordered drunken noodles, spring rolls, and pan fried noodles delivered. All were mediocre and stale. Delivery took and hour and a half; I live about 1.5 miles away. Keep in mind that most delivery orders from any restaurant are made up of stale, second rate food.
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