Title: Great restaurant!5/11/2016 12:09:32 PM
My family and I have been eating at Taste of Asian for six years and we absolutely love the food! Best Chinese food in Gainesville!
Title: 2021/3/10 19:33:53
Please tell me google is wrong and you are not permanently closed. I’ve been a customer for 15 years and I just don’t know what I’ll do if you’re closed
Title: 2021/2/28 10:44:50
Been trying to call for over an hour, nobody answers phone
Title: 2021/2/25 13:38:04
I can’t figure out how to order online and nobody is picking up the phone
Title: 2020/5/17 23:34:05
This is Mayur. I am an enthusiastic writer. While surfing the internet, I found your site - that seemed to be very interesting and informative.
Title: 2020/12/23 12:41:00
Good Food and Fast Delivery
Title: 2019/8/18 13:18:58
Taste of Asian has been our favorite Asian Restaurant in the Gainesville area since we moved in in 2006 - excellent food, excellent service...
Title: 2019/6/18 10:59:29
I ordered shrimp with broccoli the food was bad old food. rice not cooked, properly it was half boiled,as if the just took the shrimps from the freezer put it in a pan put some boiled broccoli and some ketchup and gave it to me I took it back and showed them the food the women said its sauce I said its water with ketchup. I will never recommend them to anyone, just horrible food.the first time I should have learnt my lesson, but because its close to my work is why I gave them a second chance. never will I buy from them but to be hungry and eat that type of food.
Title: 2019/2/15 10:03:51
before I leave a comment, please contact me!
Title: 2019/2/15 10:02:36
Ordered steak w/broccoli, garlic with fried rice, crab Rangoon, soup. WORST I've had! Broccoli was old/overcooked and hardly a trace of garlic, crab Rangoon was overcooked, fried rice was terrible - old and certainly not fried rice like I have ordered before - SO disappointing.
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